Awesome job yesterday: 10 km navigation

Posted by on Oct 10, 2016

20161008 - km navigation for Scouts

Thru the forest

Congratulations to the the 1st Chantilly Scouts for walking 10km on Saturday.
They did some great navigation, which earns them most of the Navigator 1 and 2 badges.

We only went the wrong way, once!

The scouts have completed “Hiker” badges – which is a staged badge so the more hikes you do the more you get.


Also, well done to the new patrol leaders of Bears and Tigers patrol, AND especially to the new scouts who were invested last night in the deep  dark woods. I think we had a lot of fun!


Fire at night

For those interested in what badges are available, have a look at this link. If you/your scout has done specific activities and met the requirements, then come and see me about being awarded the badge.,64


You will also need to order Scout shirts. They can be bought from the Scout shop here:
There is a delivery charge, and so some benefit from clubbing together and ordering a couple of shirts in one go. When you have them, the scouts can transfer the badges from their cub tops and put them on their scout shirts.